Spoiler Review | The Falcon and the Winter Solder

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier debuted this Friday on Disney+, and fans are in for a wild, action packed spy thriller worthy of an IMAX screen. Picking up six months after the events of Avengers: Endgame, and starring Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan, this brand-new Marvel Studios show follows the characters Sam Wilson a.k.a Falcon, and Bucky Barnes a.k.a Winter Soldier, as they try to rebuild their lives and find new purpose in a broken world.

Created by Malcolm Spellman, who’s a former producer and writer for Fox show Empire, and directed by Kari Skogland, known for directing some of the most unforgettable episodes of The Handmaid’s Tale, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier takes viewers back to a world of espionage that was first introduced to MCU fans years ago during Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

The first episode of the series starts off with Sam Wilson having a reflective moment in his bedroom as he irons a shirt and puts on a suit. Sam stops, and looks at the Captain America legendary shield on his bed, while a voiceover conversation between him and an older Steve Rogers conquers the moment. “How does it feel?”, Steve asks, “Like it’s someone else’s”, Sam says, prompting Steve to try to cast his friend’s doubts away by affirming that “It isn’t”.

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier / Marvel Studios

The show then cuts to the most thrilling eight minutes air chasing scene I’ve ever watched, with Sam fully suited up as the Falcon, and trying to race time to rescue Air Force Captain Vassant before the terrorist group LAF reaches the Tunisia/Libya boarder.

Meanwhile, back in the United States, Bucky Barnes wakes up from a nightmare, or memory, where he sees himself as the Winter Soldier, breaking into a hotel lobby and assassinating everyone in his path. “Hail Hydra!”, he says after finishing his mission. The next morning, Bucky attends government mandated therapy with Dr. Raynor (Ami Aquino), who makes him reluctantly describe to her all of his recent efforts to amend for his past, as part of a pardoning agreement.

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier is a return to the MCU as we’ve known for the past decade, and a total shift from what we watched on WandaVision, the first Disney+ Marvel Studio show, that aired its series finale a couple weeks ago. However, it feels like coming home after being away for so long, even though it’s still very early to say where the story is taking us.

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier / Marvel Studios

It thrills me that Kari Skogland decided to mostly film on location and use very practical visual effects. The fight scenes were extremely well choreographed, and its exciting to see every punch and every kick, just like old action movies used to do. I was a bit worried that the air sequences would look weird, but fortunately that was not the case. Watching the Falcon take down enemies and their helicopters while flying almost as fast as a military jet felt very real, and it was probably one of the best action scenes in the entire MCU.

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier is a return to the MCU as we’ve known for the past decade

By focusing on Sam’s uncertainties and Bucky’s traumas, Malcolm Spellman’s writing adds even more layers to these two characters, and gives both Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan ample space to shine. I can’t wait to see them finally reunite onscreen, as that still didn’t happen in episode one, which ends with the character John Walker (Wyatt Russell) being introduced as the new Captain America by the United States government – shield and all.

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier is an exciting adventure with two of the most important comic book characters to ever take on the mantle of Captain America. With five more episodes to go, and even more important players to be introduced, we’re in for a very thrilling ride.

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